Sonntag, 7.März

Heute mal wieder auf englisch – die Einladung zum neuen Klassik-Klub:
Dear friendsI´d like to invite you to my new #KlassikKlub today on #WDR3 radio. 
The show will be opened by Arvo Pärt‘s “Fratres” in the version for solo violin (Daniel Hope) and strings with percussion (with joy I remember the recording session where I had the pleasure to play the percussion part).  
You will listen to songs by Alexander von Zemlinsky and Alban Berg, sung by the magnificent  Sandrine Piau(taken from her extraordinarily beautiful new album that comes out in these days on Alpha Classics). “A Beautiful Kiss“ by Louis Andriessen, works by Aleksey Igusdesman, Nils Frahm, John Eccles (feat. the soprano Eugénie Lefebvre), Tarquinio Merula (sung by soprano Pia Davila), Petter Udland Johansen (singing his own song) & more.  
A special focus will be on some fascinating young female artists – Marie Awadis, and Chiara Dubey, both performing their own music; then Dorothea Mader (who wrote a piece for the phenomenal violin duo The Twiolins). The show will end with Anna Vinnitskaya playing Chopin’s Ballade No 4.
Have a good cup of tea  (or coffee) again and – Enjoy!

WDR3-KLASSIK-KLUB, Sunday 7.3.2021,  16:04 – 17:45…/wdr3-klassik…/klassikklub-718.html 
For the first time you may find the playlist on my spotify