Sonntag, 11.Oktober

WDR 3 Klassik Klub vom 11.10.2020
16.04 – 14.45 Uhr

Zusammengestellt von Jürgen Grözinger

Dear friends, 
please feel invited to my new Klassik-Klub on WDR3 radio,
tomorrow afternoon 16:05 – 17:45.
Knowing well about the ambivalent and not unproblematic term „Orient“ I titled it „Rêve Oriental“ . It´s a romantic fairy tale, of course – and so I´ll feature parts of M.Ravel´s incredibly beautiful „Shéhérazade“ songs, further episodes of the same titled symphonic work by N. Rimsky-Korsakov. Besides rare music by anonymus traditional Persian masters arranged in etraordinary vocal and instrumental settings, some music by A.Pärt, C.Koechlin (his dark imaginary journey through the Iran, titled „Les Heures Persanes“), Komitas and O.Golijov I´ve put some short extracts of my (for those who were part of it – legendary) piece „OrientOccident“ which features the Madih Ensemble Kairo with those extraordinary and wonderful musicians as the sufi singer Sheikh Arabi El Faragh,  the kawala player Ahmad Arnad and Embryo´s Roman Bunka on oud + our European Music Project with soloists as cellist Fried Daehn and Mario Frezzato on english horn. 

Take a good tea – and enjoy that journey through a romantic dream.

No podcast, only real time on radio:

The playlist:file:///Users/juergengroezinger/Downloads/musiklaufplan-kk-118-1.pdf